Movie You Should Probably See Nowish: UP

I love Pixar. Almost every time they make a movie they out do themselves. Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Cars (maybe not as much Cars, but still better than most), and Wall-E. Every movie seems to out do the last one in terms of quality, look, and depth of characters. Pixar doesn't simply make cartoons, they make animated films that span not only the basics of entertaining kids, but hook grown ups as well with serious issues and character development. Not that these aren't things written many times before, but it never hurts to point it out again.

With the last two movies, I think Pixar has really hit stride in terms the messages it will put into a "children's movie". With Wall-E, Pixar made a love story that crossed over language barriers and social structures. It managed to be heartwarming and critical of the increasingly wasteful and lazy ways our society uses it resources. Be those resources natural or personal, it found a way to address them that was not only pointed and subtle, but all the while hilarious. Not a small feat, but it seemed almost effortless in their hands.

With UP, they managed to top what I thought was my favorite of their films (and maybe my favorite animated movie ever). I don't know of many films that can start with such a heartwarming and devastatingly real love story in its first twenty minutes, almost completely devoid of dialog. I dare you to make it out of the movie without crying once (let along those first twenty minutes). But have no fear, what happens then is an uproariously funny movie about an old man fulfilling his wife's last wish. It's like the Bucket List, but with real live humans. Yeah, I said it. The movie is completely worth watching simply for the dog Dug (great name), and his particular hate for squirrels.

I don't want to say too much. Part of the pleasure of the movie is the details and discoveries you make along the way. But if it is available to you, do not hesitate to go pick it UP... sorry.