Bus Stop Etiquette 

So I’m on my way to another Miami Ad Kickoff party and using the Metro Transit (my favorite form of Minneapolis travel). But there are some peculiar, maybe selfish tactics being used before I even enter the bus. First the gentleman waiting for the number 4 is sitting on 2/3rds of the bench. Granted he is a larger fellow, but lets make a effort huh? The bench isn’t going to catapult someone if you sit to one side. And if it does, maybe it will be a wake up call to your health. Plus your bag used up the last third of the bench, so I’m stuck standing next to the sign, waiting for the overly patient driver.

Then there is the matter of who gets to line up for the bus first once it gets there. Some people pile towards the front. Others take their time, but will give you a look if you got to the stop later but lined up first. I would happily let you go first, but there was no bench space, so I stood by the street. Your bad.

Then on the bus everyone gets their own seat. Unless its rush hour. Now I’ll make my spot available for a second seater, despite the fact that the newer, greener buses offer less leg room then is needed for my 6’2” stature. But little miss Dust Bowl is going to sit on the aisle seat and act like her coin purse needs it own spot. Not like this is an airline and your purse is obese or a crying baby. Get real Miss Daisy.

Lastly, I’m not going say I’ve never used my phone on the bus. It happens. But I try my hardest to make it an a-b conversation. You don’t need to have a gossip session with Tisha or talk business with the firm. Stay later for that mess, or text. Who talks on the phone anymore anyway? I bet Miss Daisy even has a iPad in her Herbergers satchel. Time to get with the times, no one likes human interaction* anymore.

*Blog written on Android smart phone. Bee boop bop boop.