Why can't any advertising groups make a decent commercial for Erectile Dysfunction? Seriously, I was trying to sit down to a nice game of football the other day and a commercial for Cialis comes on. The whole fucking commercial was a couple sitting in bathtubs (plural, each had their own tub) watching the sunset out on the lawn. "What if the neighbors see us!" What? Don't believe me go visit the site It is ridiculous. What the fuck do his and her bathtubs and a sunset have to do with not getting your soldier at attention? If they want to make a good commercial for ED then there should one shot of a disappointed wife, then a shot of the man going to the pharmacy, then finally a shot of the woman riding the man in one, count'em one bathtub. Shit, if they put that on network television I would get an erection right then.

Then you have the classic Viagra commercials. Have you seen the one where the guy goes to a party? Everyone notices something different about the guy.


"Hey Bob, you get a hair cut?"


"Hey Bob, you buy a new suit?"


"Hey Bob, there's something different about you. What's up?"

"Well, my penis is up, Mary. I sporting a new erection at your party"

I think that's how the commercial went. Then there is the commercial with Texas Rangers "star" Rafael Palmeiro. Trouble swinging the bat, huh? I think they need to find someone with a little more credibility to sell their little pill. I mean Palmeiro is a good player in all, but no one watches baseball anymore. Bob Dole wasn’t much better either. Not sure about you, but when I think of good, erection-based sex, Bob Dole doesn’t pop to mind. Someone who couldn't run the country shouldn't be allowed to run the bedroom. Or vise versa. Now, I'm all for helping out those with ED, but they've already suffered with their problem, don't make them suffer through a bad commercial too. Simons Says work harder. The advertisers that is.