Since talking a class called 'Improv for Everybody' at Augustana College, I have fostered an natural addiction to the art of spontaneity. The act of being in the moment and being true to your weirdest reaches of your mind has leapt past simple theater and landed within all aspects of my life. These examples of my performing don't do justice to how improv has shaped me as a worker, thinker, friend or person. But they are pretty funny. 

When the Broke Gravy boys step on stage expect physicality, emotion, narrative, and the unexpected.

My troupe MURMUR! specializes in creating and recreating a scene until it is perfect. 

My improv troupe The Theater of Public Policy tackles serious issues with levity, like a live and unscripted version of The Daily Show. This clip tackled the heated Vikings' Stadium debate. To watch the full 80 minute video, follow this link: T2P2: Vikings's Stadium. 

Here is a clip from my former short-form improv troupe, Meat & Cheese.

I've also helped guide fellow employees through improv activities as a way to boost our creative brainstorming. Here is a post about it from SixSpeed's blog.