I created a romance website for non-conformist. 
Visit My Hipster Valentine or click the picture for a few examples. 

During my time as writer and manager of SixSpeed's Social Media, I would occasionally have free reign (as much free reign as you can gather over your lunch hour) to make weird things like this video. 

The Top Ten Alternate Uses For Shittens

Movemeber 2012.
150 Pictures equals 11 seconds. Time well spent!

Movember 2011 got dark. 

I wrote, filmed and edited this video after the Netflix/Qwikster debacle.

Netflix obviously didn't care as they are now worth about two billion dollars. Though they have just recently (circa September 2014) started offering options to recommend titles to people. I'll ignore that they stole that, if they ignore that I share my account with four people. 

I've dabbled in making logos for friends. Here are some of my favorites. 

A logo I designed for my improv group Vicious Delicious.


New logo for my improv/freestyle rap group, Beatbox.


Another logo I made for a group of three funny improv lady-friends.


A more recent logo I made for my group MURMUR!