The Spring Gauntlet Has Been Dropped

It’ll be 45° tomorrow. 55° Monday. It’ll hit 60° by Thursday. This can only mean one thing for Minneapolis (and a slightly lesser extent Saint Paul). 

Patio season. 

Like a grizzly bear waking from a hungover winter slumber, when the temp hits even moderately warm (in some cases sunny and cool) it’s time to sit outside, pretend you aren't cold, and drink.

The best part is that that’s really the only difference for about a month, the weather isn’t fabulous, its just better. I’ve always wondered how many other cities take the first whiff of patio season so seriously. Soon the sundresses will be alive on Stella’s unbearably full rooftop. The catcallers can stop using their imaginations for their classless calling. Time to start working out to unattainable weight-loss goals. And the families who chose to live by bars can complain about the noise in their neighborhood.

Oh, and most importantly, it’s Scott Seekins White Suit Weather.

Ahhhhhh, smells good. This and autumn are a Sweat Monster’s favorite time of year. I never mind if the patio is a little chilly, and everyone wants to be outside so bad that they ignore their better judgment to just wait one more month. Better binge on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt now, I won’t have time for that nonsense soon.

See you on the patio. Don’t forget your sweater.