Stupid Southdale

So I’m a big Metro Transit fan. Been riding it for going on five years now. I just sit back, put my ear buds in and read a book. As of last year I’ve taken it as an opportunity to do some school work, be it for a later date or the class coming up in an hour or so. But long intro short, I’m very happy with their service for the most part.

Southdale Mall. Hiss. I don’t much like you. Once upon a time you were illustrious. America’s first indoor mall. Spoiled Edinian’s could be spoiled year round, yay. Cut to 2011. Half the mall is vacant. The only truly profitable draws are Pf Chang’s, Cheesecake Factory, Apple and a movie theater. The food court is a waste land of fallen wrappers from the only Subway that doesn’t offer 5-dollar foot longs. Not even a Ryan Gosling look-a-like eating at Sbarro's could have saved that shop. The Mervin's had been vacant since before I signed my death sentence some five years ago.

What is the relation between these two stories? Well recently, Herberger's (Awe!, sparkle sparkle) moved in to the old Mervin's spot. At the same time, the Southdale bus stop moved from right outside the old Mervin's doors to underneath a parking ramp, about a block away. The old stop was close to the mall and was heated and large. The new stop is a extra walk, half the size and unheated.

My amateur deduction is that Herberger's (cue greek choir) only agreed to move in, if they moved the bus stop, i.e. got the poor people away. Are only poor people the ones who ride the bus? Of course not, but despite an average ridership in out fair town, the wider-metro buses aren’t as efficient and this is Edina, where the snobbery flows like the sweet, sweet yolk of an American bald eagle.

Its sad. Annoying. Especially since I doubt this (along with plans to improve the food court and the restrooms, yes the restrooms) will bring life back to the good old days. Maybe they should push the conservative Edina legislation to loosen up on things that matter. Like allowing happy hours on liquor, to drum up some business. But I digress. I just thought I’d share. I don’t have a real solution. I just hope I’m not busing to that silly town anymore, very soon.