Welcome to the great Unsummer of 2011



Its like the weather knows exactly what I want to do and how to ruin that. If I want to go to an outdoor concert, make it rain. Go for a swim, 50 degrees out. If I want to walk for a block without sweating, how about 103 on the thermostat. The main thing the Unsummer has been good at doing is deterring me from working out. When it rains in the morning, I hardly want to go around the lakes let alone walk to LA Fitness and back. Is this sad, yes. True though, certainly. While I have enjoyed my summer thus far, as my upcoming school quarter approaches, I feel like I’m not taking advantage of my extra free time (with the exception of a nice trip up north with my long lost buddy). I need another adventure soon. I get to go to Mexico to see my sister get married, with intermittent binge drinking and hopefully some sort of sand or water volleyball. But that’s not until December. In the past I have managed to carve out trips to Europe and Belize, music festivals of camping and not showering, and stretching every one of my borrowed cents at the roulette table in Vegas. Since school started though, it has just been the occasional weekend excursion or the usual backyard drinking with the homies. And even the beanbag games have been lacking. Well as of today, I pledge to find some new exploits for the rest of the fleeting nice months. I will have to do this why attempting to work and go to school, but I’ve never been much for sleep anyway. I’m always game for something. But I’m not going to be afraid to just go and get it. Shit, I even enjoyed a round of Bingo the other day at the Vegas lounge (home of the Coldest beer on earth) that happened completely on accident. So if you ant to peep a movie in the park, bingo, free bacon nights, impromptu music shows, porch drinking, overnight camping, hikes, bar crawls, lawn games, art gallery openings, skinny dipping, good humored vandalism, photography sessions, or just  shit shooting while riding bikes, hit me up, I’ll make my schedule work. If I get the urge I’ll do the same.

Words some of my college friends used to live by and I try to keep in mind as I see some beautiful nights wasted.

You got to be ready to catch it.